As cold wind slowly set up winter in India, the wedding season is warming up. For the upcoming great grand wedding season, people have rolled up their sleeves. Venues are booked, designer clothes are being finalized and cards are in the printing process.

However, like any other celebration, a wedding celebration is incomplete without sweets. No matter you are doing a traditional wedding, a white wedding, or a small party after a court wedding your food counter must have a “Mithai section”

People nowadays try to do something unique at their weddings. Now people arrange a special dessert section. With multiple sweet dishes starting from muffins, pastries, donuts, and tarts to ice cream varieties. However, nothing can replace the place of “Shadiwali Mithai” 

Ironically people expect to must-have traditional wedding mithai at food counters but in the current scenario, very few people eat them passionately.

People nowadays have become health disciplinary (at least they pretend to be so at weddings). So even though they cherish laddus, halwa, and Kaju Katri, they don't have much of them.

To attend such modern, health-conscious guests, hosts are now turning up towards artisan gourmet sweets.

There is more than one benefit of catering artisanal gourmet Mithai at a wedding. First, they will be something different to have at the wedding that will impress your guests. Second, it will serve all kinds of sweet cravings of your guests and still will be a healthy thing to eat. So your guests of any age group can have them without hesitation and feel happy on your big day. The best part is you won’t have many leftover sweets that you have to manage and feel your money is wasted.

Gourmet Mithais are so much in demand for the coming wedding season. You can have dry fruit based flavored Mithai like Kesari Badam Lauj, Walnut Mathura Peda, or Roasted Kaju Gulkand Lauj. These unique fusion combinations are also healthy as they are made of natural sweets(not refined sugar) and rich dry fruit. 

The professional handcrafted sweet providers will also take care of presentation and serving style. Such choices will give an innovative esthetic touch to your traditional Mithai and add a wow factor to your food offerings.

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