As festivals approach back to back, along with lots of joyous moments and gaga celebrations it keeps you in a thinking mode to find the best and unique gifts for your friends and relatives. While there are plenty of options pop in mind like candles to crockery but you must be in search of something different and more meaningful. Here ends your worry as we bring the most unique money-worthy gift ideas that will add a personalized and caring touch to your gifts for loved ones.

1. Florentines 

While giving dry fruits on Diwali is a very traditional idea, giving it a pinch of French touch will make it more aesthetic. Florentines are traditionally french cookies made with rich nuts and candied fruits. Your friends will be in awe to have such crunchy and delicious cookies that delight in every bite. Deliver this  Gourmet gift with artistry gift packaging or combine it in a hamper with wine.



For Indians, the festival means delicious food. So what can be the best gift for Diwali other than their favorite food that will add more joy to the celebration? Top of that, if you can give traditional savouries with some wicked innovation around them, they won't stop thanking you for that. You can gift the best quality gourmet savouries like Flax seed Namak Paras and Cinnamon Shakarpara to your chai lover friend, Meethi Till Mathari to your sweet tooth friends, or Achari Mathri to the friend who always has chatpata craving and Punjabi Matharis to just deliver a home-like feeling. All the savouries made in desi ghee and with pure ingredients will take care of the health of your loved ones. It comes in well-finished packaging to eliminate your hustle.


3.Flavoured nuts

This is the most innovative yet thoughtful gourmet gifting on Diwali. A fine range of nuts with unique flavors that can be part of everyday breakfast cereal and will support your loved ones' healthy regime.

You can gift Cinnamon and cheddar Pecans, Coca roasted Macadamia, roasted Hazelnut, and roasted Almonds packaged in airtight attractive jars. Rich in nutrition and best in test, flavored nuts gourmet gifting will place your name always on top of their mind.

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Buying a khoya sweet box from the corner shop at the end of your street and gifting them to relatives is one famous ordinary trick. However, you don't want to join that herd where you give your friends sweets which may be unhealthy, full of sugar and oil, and might not be as good in hygiene. Yet gifting sweets is indeed a sweet gesture. The solution is gourmet artisanal sweet- Handcrafted classic Indian traditional sweets blended in international flavors.

Finest quality unique sweets like Walnut Mathurapeda, Pista Lauj with White chocolate, Besan Caramel fudge, Granola Pinni, Roasted Kaju Gulkand Lauj, and many such delicacies. These gourmet sweets are rich in nutrition, made with natural sugar and no preservatives or colors added making them the best Diwali food gift. You can actually buy it for your home at festivals so that you no longer have to worry if they eat a lot of them.



Your friends are celebrities in your life. A Diwali gift is an opportunity for you to express your gratitude by sending them a gift hamper that they have earned with their love and support in your life. Gift a customized assorted hamper filled with unique nut jars, international flavored cookies, some fusion gourmet sweets, and some other confectionaries. You can add some personalized messages along with photos to make it more emotionally enriched.

A gourmet food gift solution is something that will make your gift stand out in every home it reaches, also it enhances a very delightful experience for your family and friends on the occasion of Diwali celebrations.