Are you all set for Lohri 2023? Lohri is one of the most important festivals in north India. Lohri is celebrated in many other parts of the country with different names like Sankranti in Maharashtra, Karnataka, UP & Bihar, Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Bihu in Assam, Bhogi in Andhra Pradesh and Uttarayan in Gujarat. However, the purpose of the festival is the same across India. It is celebrated on the occasion of harvesting Ravi Dhan(Winter crops). 

On Lohri, Families get together at ancestral homes and worship Lord Agni by lighting auspicious bonfires. Family members enjoy doing traditional dances like Bhangra, and Gidda on the bits of vibrant music of Dhol. Women in the family sing traditional songs and play games. Lohri is also a celebration of winter solstice where it is believed that from this day winter will end and spring will start means the day will be longer from here onwards. Any celebration in India is not complete without a food feast. Lohri in fact is celebrated by offering a variety of crops to Lord Agni that grows in the winter season. Like berries, sugarcane, vegetables, etc. so obviously Lohri food items are always at top of the game. 

If you are visiting your family for a traditional celebration of Lohri or thinking of throwing a “Lohri party” for your friends at home, some dishes must be included in the food menu. Lohri is celebrated every year, and there are some authentic dishes associated with it. People would love to go on that memory lane by having Lohri's special food that they used to have for many years in their childhood. 

  1. Gur ki roti: It is a very simple yet tasty dish, especially children love it. The wheat roti infused with Gud(jaggery)/Gur tastes like sweet pancakes. Gur is believed very healthy to have in the winter season for keeping the body warm, which is why Gur-added food is popular in the winter season traditionally in Punjabi families.

  2. Gur ki Gajak: Another jaggery-based sweet dish very famous in North India and made in each kitchen on the occasion of Lohri is ‘Gur ki Gajak”. The jaggery is melted with seasonal nuts, peanuts or dry fruits and sesame seeds. In many places, it is known as “Chikki”

  3. Murmura Laddoo: The best Lohri memory of childhood includes Murmura Ladoo for sure. Laddoos made with the crunchy  Murmura and sweet Gud caramel are a go-to snack for in-between hunger that is inevitable on winter days.

  4. Dry Fruit Chikki: Chikki is one for all kinda solution for every age guest. On chilly winter evenings having a nutty bite of dry fruit chikki along with chai or coffee just feels perfect. The dry fruit chikki is premium biting that you can offer to your guests while they are talking or playing cards at a house party.

  5. Sarson da Saag With Makke di roti: Sarson and Makka are seasonal crops that grow in north India during winter. Hence it is a very traditional and basic dish in each family. You can consider it as the main meal of the Lohri celebration. Your guests will not only be expecting this but feel emotional if you serve an authentic taste of Sarson da Saag with warmly served Makke di roti.
  6. Chole-Bhature: Punjabi festivals and Chole Bhature are made for each other combination. Spice lovers always are happy to have this dish no matter how routine it is. Serve delicious Chole(Cheakpees) prepared in spicy gravy with hot Bhatura along with the traditional sweets mentioned above. You’ll give most relishing joy to your guests. 

Apart from this, you can order some gourmet sweets and food for guests that will surprise them. Like Wicked Gourmet's winter special items - Nutty Dark Chocolate, Masala Akhrot Gur, Chocolate Fudge, and french florentines. Some innovative varieties with authentic food give a complete touch to your food counter. The fusion bonanza for your guests will buy you appreciations that will go long. So what are you making this Lohri? Let us know your Lohri special food.