Is your new year resolution weight loss and getting lean? Then you must be told to follow some rigorous diet plan, zero down on fast food, and cut down on desserts and sweets right? If we tell you that you can eat desserts and yet it will not impact your weight loss goal, I am sure you will jump in the joy. That is true. While cutting down on sugar is very helpful for faster weight loss, you can still eat dessert.

Dieticians suggest avoiding heavy consumption of refined sugar. As it is not only high in calories but also very hard to digest. The good news is sugar is not the only sweet we have. There are many food items that are natural sweeteners like honey, dates, raisins, coconut, etc. Some fruits like Chiku and Bananas are also natural sweeteners. You can eat desserts made from such ingredients. Coconut -date barfi, Banana pancakes, Chiku icecreams, etc.

You can actually keep eating normal desserts available in the market also. Sometimes skipping sweets altogether can backfire, especially when you have a serious sweet truth. Everything in discipline does no harm. You can have one scoop of chocolate ice cream or cake pie once a week. That will add 400 calories which is okay to have. Even you can burn it with a little heavy workout the next day. But if you are talking about eating an entire ice cream tub or 5 items from a dessert bar at a restaurant it’s a different story.

Enjoying dessert may actually help keep you on track. It will help you to cope with a deprived state of mind which is very natural to feel when you are avoiding all the foods that make you happy. You can even eat dessert as a reward for completing milestone days of a healthy diet. Small doses of desserts help you to deal with withdrawal symptoms and being a victim of binge eating. 

Good food and bad food are the wrong categorizations of food. Most food has a mixture of carbs, fat, or calories. Your pattern and a portion of eating food make a huge difference. Cutting down all the food that is rich in calories and finding yourself at the level of super-low calories isn’t healthy either. The body needs nutrients in good proportion. The weight loss process should not cause you physical or mental dent. Eating desserts mindfully makes your mission smooth and achievable. Sanity and satisfaction are as important as BMI.

The ideal thing to do is eat sugar-free desserts during your weight loss journey. There are many unique sweet options available that are not made from refined sugar and yet serve the best taste. Gourmet sweet makers like Wicked consciously work on creating sweets that are made from either minimal sugar or natural sweeteners. 

Wicked is a brand very keen to create a healthy eating culture, hence they have come up with healthy sweet products for fitness lover millennials. Some of the best attractions are Masala Gur Akhrot, Roasted Kaju Gulkand Lauj, and  Kesar Badam Lauj. In fact, now dessert makers also prepare customized food products as per your requisite of ingredients and nutrients. Don’t follow theories blindly, make smart choices that suit your body and mind. Happy dieting!