The year 2022 has displayed the emerging trends for a variety of food choices keeping the stigma for traditional food aside. People who are constantly looking for international choices in their lifestyle have now adopted food habits from across the globe. Also, the awareness of personal health has brought a drastic change in the routine food habits of Indian people. All these factors will continue to affect the food lifestyle of people in 2023 as well. 

The culinary experts are foreseeing that in the coming year, specialty food will be in good demand. Specialty food is a uniquely characterized preparation of food with high-quality ingredients, typically sourced across the globe. The wicked gourmet’s  head chef and owner Aarti Gupta quoted, “Artisanal food has always attracted Indian tastebuds, however earlier it was not that easy to have. Very few players were taking risk of making something particular, premium, and which will have a niche market. Now things are changing in a positive direction.”

The consumer is global now. People seek food that is authentic yet exciting.

Also now just taste is not the driving force. The consumer is aware of nutrition value and moreover, they also care about sustainable food consumption. Consumers going to more organic and plant-based food habits.

The food trends for 2023 will be a combination of convenience, herbal or natural elements, and artisanal food.



The modern lifestyle has everything but time. Young India demands food that will be easy to prep, and easy to have. Many FMCG players have shifted their gears toward ready-to-cook meals, food kits, etc. Ready mix grain Atta is one such example. At the same time, people choose health over taste. However, to give the consumer better options, food companies are coming up with choices that serve health and taste both. Like wheat bread, baked chips, sugar-free cookies, etc.

Natural food ingredients 

The modern-day health challenges have alarmed consumers to include more herbal food ingredients in their routine meals. People are turning more towards plant-based proteins. The use of fruits and salads in meals has increased. The choices are shifting toward brown rice, lentils, and sprouts. To avoid sugar-based health issues, the consumer is either going for sugar-less food items or having food that is made from naturally sweet items like dates, raisins, or honey.  Sweets made from nuts and dryfruits are more in demand than sweets made from khoya or Mava. Also, the consumer is becoming more aware of consuming environment-friendly food in order to make sure of a sustainability quotient. Surprisingly, people are emphasizing on having organically grown food. You must have experienced the number of vegan food habits increasing in your circles. These changes are influenced by both health and environmental concerns.

Artisanal food

As the consumer is connected globally, the demand for artisanal food with global touch has increased too. People want something fusion, something traditional yet modern. Urban houses want more innovative food items on their table. The gourmet food industry has witnessed never-before  demand last year. From routine festivals to wedding ceremonies clients want artisanal products on the platter. The gourmet sweets like Rose cashew Lauj, Walnut chocolate burfi, Chocolate Fudge barfi, Pista-white chocolate fudge, french florentines, etc are getting more ordered. Flavored nuts and seeds boxes are the preferred choices for gifts.

The bottom line is the health and herbal quotient will win. The 2023 food habits will be around artistic food consumption that will be unique, made with premium quality raw ingredients, and also will serve best for taste buds. The consumer is smart, aware, and enthusiastic. The food industry is evolving with global shades and local tastes. Specialty food with the right combo of taste, health, and quality will be the mainstream in the coming years.