How many of you wait for winter just to have tasty food? Winter and food are such combinations that most of us cherish. The reason is not only because in the winter a variety of vegetables and food ingredients are available in the market but also because the cold environment makes our metabolism active to digest warm and little heavy food. Our body uses more energy to maintain temperature hence our appetite increases. That is why it is important to eat food that will keep you warm and strong to fight the weather. Also, Winter is a good chance to eat healthy food and enhance your immunity which will last for a long. 

In Indian houses, making winter special food items is like a ritual. They make Methi laddu, Gond laddu, Til chikki etc. However, everyone’s favorite thing to eat in winter is Dry fruits.

On normal days mothers would refrain from touching dry fruit jars but in winter they themselves will offer you a number of dry fruits every day.

Dry Fruits are a rich source of different nutrients. It not only increases your immunity but enhances your body strength.

Let's see which dry fruits we should eat in the winter and how they help us during the winter season.


Almonds are undisputedly claims thrown in dry fruits. Almond is generally referred best to enhance good memory, However, it has many benefits. Almonds are a rich source of fatty acids, protein, fiber, zinc, and Vitamin E. It helps to improve blood circulation and control heart disease.

It also increases mind power and immunity by maintaining hemoglobin levels well. Besides, almonds are very healthy fillers and save you from eating oily unhealthy snacks. You can consume almonds in many ways like winter special almond sweets, almond-added shakes, or flavored almond seeds and of course, have them raw. Almonds keep your body warm and help you fight cold weather.


Cashews are a favorite of many. Cashew is rich in vitamin E that keeps your skin glowy and healthy in cold winter. It is also believed to have anti-aging elements. Cashew maintains blood pressure and controls cholesterol.  Cashew-based sweets are available in a wide range. Cashews are go-to bites for Indian homes in form of masala Kaju, sweet Kaju, Kaju Kishmish, etc.


Walnut is the best dry fruit to have in winter. They have omega-3 fatty acids and maintain cholesterol levels. Walnuts have natural oil that is good for skin and hair in dry weather. Walnut strengthens joints and keeps the body warm. 


Pista is an underestimated dry fruit for nutrition. It has all the vitamins and minerals along with antioxidant properties. Pista improves skin health and maintains its glow in dry weather.

Apart from this, you can have fig to keep your metabolism strong and increase immunity. Eating groundnuts is very healthy in this season. Groundnuts are a prosperous source of protein. Raisins are considered suitable for blood circulation. Dates and dry dates are good for joints and bones. In fact with the combination of crunchy dry fruit, natural sugar or caramel of dates, and pure ghee you can make a lot of winter sweets. Now gourmet chefs are providing winter special sweets like Kesar Badam Lauj,  Masala Gur Akhrot, Pista Lauj, Nutty dates, and Dry fruit laddu.

Wicked gourmet- One of the best in gourmet products has launched a winter collection. Some of the products are very unique, healthy yet tasty. The new attractions are Nutty dark chocolate slabs and Jaggery Quinoa Puffs. Eat well, live healthily, and enjoy winter!