The wedding season in India is shifting gears and the upcoming quarter will be the time when the atmosphere will be filled with love and the active mode will be only for celebrations. As the global distance is decreasing through the internet many different wedding ceremonies are introduced to marriage enthu couples. The white wedding is every bride’s fantasy while Bohemian wedding is also getting famous in youth. 

Although all weddings are beautiful in their own way, no one possibly can be as entertaining as an Indian wedding.

A treat to senses

When you think about any Indian wedding you automatically feel the adrenaline rush in your blood. The celebrations are so vibrant, it is really a treat for all the senses. The rituals, ethnicity, music, food, laughter, the aroma of flowers, artistry vibes in decorations, mehndi, fashion and most importantly gathering of varied kinds of people. All these make an Indian wedding ceremony nothing less than a big carnival.


Lively ambiance

In Indian weddings, the vibes speak for themselves. You might feel tired to attend a wedding but once you enter then no coming back. The ambiance filled with traditional colorful surroundings, happy smiling faces, and warm feels makes your heart ponder in joy. The wedding-style background music and chirping laughter just add a sense of life to the environment. 

Scrumptious food

Guess what is the best part of Indian weddings? Undoubtedly the food! In  India, for both the hosts and guests, wedding “meals” are the most important thing. People do everything to make their guests happy with the food.  While 

some families follow traditional menus, nowadays a buffet style with many food items is very famous. The counters offer soup, a variety of starters, chat, the main course, a variety of mocktails, and of course, a special counter for sweets and desserts. No Indian wedding takes place without offering sweets to guests. Traditional Wedding sweets include Motichur laddus, jalebi, Rabdi, assorted Halwa, etc while some contemporary sweets that also care for health quotients are dry fruit-based sweets with the use of natural or minimal sugar. 

Artisanal gourmet sweets are also in trend to give a premium feel to your servings. Desserts mostly include pastries, muffins, cupcakes, and icecreams. The delicacy of food makes Indian weddings the best among all wedding styles.

Post wedding celebrations

The distinctive thing about Indian weddings is the celebrations do not end with the wedding ceremony. Post-wedding celebrations are more fun. Some rituals like stealing the shoes of the groom, inviting a new bride at home, games for wedding couples, and rituals like Muh-Dikhai, Reception, etc extend happy celebrations. 

A delightful affair to remember

The two -three-day wedding celebrations feel like obsolete fun. You create memories that last a lifetime. You end up having so many stories to cherish. Not to forget a wedding album for each big wedding you attend takes place in your laptop as a folder. You make many new connections, rejuvenate binds with family members, and restore your faith in love, relations, and most importantly the institution of the marriage. Indian wedding is indeed a unique way to celebrate love and togetherness.