Modern influence on Indian food culture has emerged very new trends in particular segments. People now demand and cherish innovations in food. Acceptance for fusion food items is increasing. People equally love having new combinations along with authentic traditional tastes.

However, for Indian traditional sweets, the modern path was a little slow. Indians are very adamant about the authenticity of traditional sweets like Motichur Laddu, Jalebi, and Malai Peda. For big festivals and weddings, people preferred traditional food only for a long time now.

Things are changing now. Youth is more into trying new things. Gourmet sweets like  Kaju Gulkand Lauj and chocolate Fudge Barfi are becoming favorites for many occasions. 

Why have people started preferring Artisanal Gourmet Sweets?

The concept of Gourmet sweets started from the craze for traditional sweets but with some twists and adding Indian mithai to Global Map. People initially were reluctant to buy it thinking it is a luxury item but with time they understood the worth and value of the artisanal product.


While authenticity is custom, innovation is the demand. People always expect variety in food. Artisanal gourmets fulfill the desire of having something new on the menu. Luckily India is quite rich in the number of ingredients. The unique thoughtful combination of Indian traditional ingredients with western confectioneries or premium nuts feels like a wow element. People love such over-the-top sweets.

Traditional sweets in new flavors 

The players in the sweet industry understood the importance of a “must-have” feeling around traditional food for big days. They came up with a solution in the form of offering unique flavors.

For example Walnut Mathura Peda, Besan caramel Laddu. Such new flavors maintain the outlook of traditional sweetness and yet serve extraordinary taste. Modern mithai chefs have done a lot of experimentation in the kitchen and redeveloped interesting daily usage sweets like Akhtot Lauj, Gulkand Lauj, and some florentines.

Health with taste 

The very influential reason for increased likability for gourmet sweets is awareness of health. People now care about calories, fat, and other nutritions. Vegan desserts and dry fruit-based sweets are quite a in demand because they increase health quotients. Sweets made from natural ingredients like dates, honey, nuts, almond flakes, mixed seeds, etc lessen the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. 

The traditional mithai are usually made from refined flour, sugar, Dalda, or oil which escalates too many unhealthy elements and fat in the body. Gourmet chefs take close care of the amount of sugar and other ingredients. They try to add natural flavors from fruits & dry fruits.

The client of wicked-gourmet says, “We are very particular about our diet but at the same time we do not want to give up on sweets. Wicked- gourmet indeed helped us here when we ordered Nutty dates that are completely sugar-free”

Presentation & service

The gourmet sweet concept has obviously reclaimed the throne of the supremacy of sweets in India specially for festivals and weddings. Gourmet is not only in demand because of its varieties and innovation. There is more to it and that is presentation. 

The presentation includes colors, packaging, and plating. Most sellers offer luxurious esthetic packaging that suits well in any event. Also, gourmet sellers offer to gift opinions, hampers, corporate solutions, and personalized packaging. In some cases, they also create attractive wedding sweet counters.

Along with customized order options, home delivery, and fresh product made only on order, such services make gourmet sweets favorable over traditional ones.

The Founder of Wicked-Gourmet, chef Aarti Gupta said that her client base is increasingly multifold. Clients are now very self-aware and particular about what they want. When anyone approaches Wicked with their requirements for artisanal products we not only closely take care of what they want but also take care that they get the best for their event. If you serve them best with a quality product they will definitely love to have them again.

goal to revive the passion for traditional sweets and add Indian mithai to the global and innovative dessert menu.