“Memory is the mirror to look at your past”. In a larger view, life is nothing but making such memories! As the winter season approaches, it's that time of the year when back-to-back celebrations are keeping you happily busy. Celebrations for weddings in the family, colleagues, or friends getting engaged or buying a new home, Indian ritual gatherings, and also not to forget Christmas and the new year is just around the corner. 

If you planning to host a wedding or a small party around festivals you need to get our checklist ready from food, decoration, and songs to gifts for guests. The must-have element in any celebration is dessert (or sweet). Happy feelings need a flavor of sweetness to feel and enjoy thoroughly, isn’t that true? Well, here we bring some Indian Dessert Ideas that are fresh & innovative and will add scrumptious joy to your celebrations. 

1. Assorted Laddo

Good news, happy times, and celebrations have a similar food terminology in India which is famously called Laddu.  Laddu is not just sweet but it is an emotion. An emotion that can be shared and enjoyed in harmony. Well, traditionally Motichur laddus and Besan laddus are famous for Indian celebrations but won’t you love to add some modern contemporary touch to your offerings? Guests nowadays expect something different with each event they attend. Modern-day celebrations also demand to care health quotient. In such a scenario, artisanal gourmet products serve the best. You can have Assorted Laddu on your dessert counter or table, which includes sweets like Kesari Badam Lauj, Pista Lauj with White Chocolate, Roasted Kaju Gulkand Lauj, and Akhrot Lauj, and many such varieties. They are very healthy for guests of any age, in fact, nutritious with dry fruit and natural ingredients like rose and Kesar. Also, this assorted combination serves the placement of a very colorful and attractive mix of textures to make your food counter magnetically attractive. You can also gift a box of Assorted Laddu as a return gift to your guests.

2. Florentines


Every celebration has guests that are varied in their tastes. You do not want to disappoint the kinds of guests who are not big fans of Laddu or traditional type desserts. They enjoy crunchy, moderate sweet bites, something between cookies and chocolates. Florentines serve best for them. Wicked offers amazing florentines that taste just wow. Roasted almond, Roasted Cashew & Pistachio, and Roasted Hazelnut are some of the best options to have on the dessert table. It will be assured a  favorite thing for children.

3. Flavored nuts and seeds

Celebrations mean people are in a very relaxed and joyful mood. That makes them ask for munching. As a smart host, you should be prepared for such cravings and surprise your guests with delicious tasty go-to bites that are not only rich in looks but have nutrition. You can keep coca-roasted almonds and hazelnuts, Almond flax and mixed seeds, Cheddar macadamia, and Fennel almond seeds on side tables. If you want to add some spicy flavor, Wicked offers very unique flavors of Thai spice Nuts and Schezwan Spice Nuts that will buy continual appreciation for you throughout the event.

4. Cakes and Brownies

If your dessert bar does not include cake then you certainly miss the idle finish to your celebrations. The dessert menu must have cakes, pastries, muffins, and tarts as your guest would obviously be expecting these items. The latest trend in desserts is cheesecakes and teacakes. You can have Chocolate truffle pastries that will cover the taste of mass guests. You can also offer a traditional dessert of brownie with ice cream. If you are serving limited guests and want to offer stylish premium desserts you can have Biscoff Banoffee or Tiramisu on your dessert table.

If you are hosting a party or wedding and looking for something traditionally unique for desserts, Wicked- Gourmet is one of the best in this segment. Wicked is offering mouthwatering scrumptious artisanal gourmet products for big days for their clients for more than decades now. 

Wicked-kitchen is exclusively managed, guided, and experimented with innovations by Chef Arti Gupta, who trained as a Patisserie Chef at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts, London. Wicked understands the need for Indian teeth and offers premium quality products that care for your health too. Explore a wide range of products, gift hampers, return gift sweet boxes, gifting nut jars, and a variety of sweets on the official website