One week to go!! Is it giving you goosebumps or anxiety? Believe it or not, everyone is passing through the same turmoil of feelings. The year 2022 was the year of transition. From fear to confidence, a setback to taking a leap of faith. It will always be a special year because it made everything normal, and reset life like it always has been. People started gathering back and big human-flooded events been possible, which was always the spirit of people in India. India means celebrating togetherness and celebrating together. Wicked being an essential part of all kinds of celebrations in people’s lives for a long now, understands the value of being able to celebrate with your loved ones. Wicked always get orders in big numbers for entire family, friends, and relatives. After a break of two years in a pandemic, the vibes returned to the bay. We witnessed the shift first hand. We are beyond grateful that people chose us as their “Gourmet partners” in each celebration.

As we are ending a successful year in terms of business and work satisfaction, we are feeling overwhelmed. We want to say many things in appreciation to our clients but the only significant words that come to mind are “Thank you”. 

As one of the premium brands in the business of Gourmet sweets, we always try to be the best in providing products that will be an experience for our clients that stays with you forever. We give much attention to quality, nourishment, and taste. At the same time, Wicked Kitchen constantly invests energies and resources to invent something new. Our leader Aarti Gupta has a keen focus to contribute in the gourmet industry as an innovation leader. Wicked focuses on developing products that are unique and best for health. We aim to be industry drivers who will lead in the global market.

We are grateful to get a positive response to each of our efforts towards creating premium handmade gourmet products. The motivation and genuine suggestions of our clients make us go forward. This year we came up with many new recipes for sweets and savories. We introduced gift hampers for many big festivals like the Diwali collection, Christmas collection, and Rakhi collection. In Celebration like Karwachauth, Wicked had marked its signature in sweets gift boxes and gift hampers. Our corporate clients love our gift hampers filled with unique flavored nut jars, florentines boxes, and premium sweets.